Women Empowement Programmes

The status of Women in India has been subject to many great changes over the past few millenniums. However, women in India generally are still exposed to numerous social issues. According to a global study conducted by Thomason Reuters, India is the “fourth most dangerous country” in the world for women. There are numerous other reasons as well, why the Indian women have so hard life to live in and so less opportunities to grow and develop -

  • Female infants are often denied the same food, education and medical care as boys. As a result they suffer from malnutrition, poor health and lack of education.
  • Many poor families, who can’t afford to pay dowry to their daughters, choose to murder their female infants as the dowry is a symbol of status in the society.
  • Domestic violence is common and a serious problem.
  • In remote villages, witchcraft accusations and punishments still occur.
  • Sexual harassment and discrimination at the workplace is common.
  • Early marriages also contribute miserably to their hard life.

DAWN organize special sessions on i. Free legal Aid ii. Health related issues such as Child care, importance of breast feeding, Family Planning methods and Gynecological diseases, anemia, immunization etc. and iii. Awareness on the evil of abortion, infanticide, child marriage, female feticide, women exploitation, communicable diseases & Child labour and iv. to uplift their life income oriented vocational trainings and v. counseling and also honoring them by awarding those who excel in different field on women day.

These kinds of activities help the women to develop their skills and knowledge and above all their self- esteem and confidence that helps them in getting better employment and respect in the society.

Youth Development
Through our transformational youth programs, the DAWN Trust inspires the diverse youth of the Perambalur District to live in unity, serve compassionately and lead peacefully.  As an organization, we work to create a peaceful, equitable and compassionate world by unifying communities in service, inspiring youth to lead with a heart-centered, global perspective and living in recognition that sustainable peace begins within. DAWN believes that youth are the vital resource for the development of the Society. They were encouraged to think about self conscious and self respectful healthy life. DAWN created awareness by organizing seminar, workshop, cultural and video show on Personality development, Leadership Training, Stress Management, Positive thinking, Communication skills, Personal and Environmental Health, Gender disparity, Anti-Suicidal awareness, Drug abuse, Adolescent Problems and problem solving skills. Periodic counseling provided those who are in need.
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