School for differently abled (SRBC)
Mother’s Care Creche
Vocational Training

School for differently abled and dropouts (SRBC)

Due to poor socio-economic condition of the marginalized population of Perambalur, majority of their children are often discouraged to attend schools and compelled into a life of labor or caring for their young ones. Some differently abled children have spent their life pathetically in their home itself without having any training or education. DAWN through community awareness campaigns are able to motivate parents of the children to realize the importance of education and send their children to schools regularly.

DAWN trust is running residential School for differently abled and dropouts (SRBC) centre at Yasanai in Perambalur district of Tamil Nadu under SSA. It is an education and training centre for the disadvantaged and marginalized children especially differently abled children, equipping them with formal and non formal education and training for sustainable livelihood. DAWN organized seven school for dropouts in Alathur Block. 135 dropout students were trained in our school and enrolled in regular school.

DAWN would assist the teachers in schools in educational enhancement activities for the children from 3-14 years of age specifically in the areas of basic subjects ,enhancing creativity and physical excercise.

SRBC’s activities include

Regularly teaching/training the children in the schools.
Creating a playful environment and enhance the creativity of the children through painting, playing games, singing etc.
 Physiotherapy, occupational therapy
 Ensuring regular health check up
Psychological Assistance
Creating basic hygiene awareness amongst children on a regular basis for healthier living.
Pre vocational training
Parental counseling and training

Mother’s Care Crèche (Day Care Centre)

The Mother’s care crèche is created as a focal point for helping working women at the community level including nutritional supplements, training basic skills to children below six years of age.

The center is located within the town itself and also serves as the meeting place for women’s groups and mother’s clubs for promoting awareness and joint action for child development and women’s empowerment.

Personal attention and care to the children coming to the center.
Preparing and feeding the children a nutritious meal.
Creating a colorful and enjoyable environment for the children with games, stories and other creative activities.
Developing the fine motor and gross motor skills.
Emotional support and counseling.

Vocational Training

The primary purpose of vocational training is to prepare individuals especially the youth and women for the world of work and make them employable for a broad group of occupation. The main vocational training schemes comprises of Medical Laboratory Technician and Beautician course, Candle making, Chalk piece, Phenol, Camphor making etc. DAWN Trust has been providing vocational training for SHG women and youth under Mahalir Thittam.

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