Ecobricks Movement Tamilnadu Project (To transform destructive Plastic Waste to constructive Wealth)
In the modern era plastic plays vital role in our life that is widely used by everyone in our planet Earth. Plastics has many advantages as it is less cost, compact and light weight. Plastics become inseparable in human life. Single use plastic is a worldwide growing problem and markets for low grade and soft plastics are gradually non-existent because they are not a high enough quality to reuse in the manufacturing of new materials. Usually thrown away plastic trash break down into tiny particles (Micro plastic) which contaminates the Ecosystem. It pollutes air, water, food and land of all living creatures. The aim of the investigator is to find alternative solution for the plastic pollution.
The plastic is the problem, the Ecobrick is the solution. Ecobrick is reusable building bricks created by solid non-biodegradable waste. PET bottle are packed with used waste plastic wrappers, covers etc. It is a process of reuse. Researches reveals that there are nearly 80000 people die by inhaling toxic gases evolved during recycling process. The investigator strictly opposes recycling process and encouraging reuse of plastic trash. Reusing is a process which uses materials (PET Bottles) into new products. It is a solution to the chronic garbage problem.
Using this reusable Ecobricks, DAWN has constructed Eco benches at Government Head Quarters Hospital and 400 sq. ft room, Park wall, furnitures in Christian Educational Institutions campus, Perambalur in order to save our mother earth. Here the Problem (Plastic Pollution) itself is a solution (Ecobricks). By using Ecobricks , Any unskilled person can construct rooms, houses, Wash rooms, Stools, Ecobenches decorative things and other useful products in the least economic as well as the best Eco friendly way and keep our environment green and clean.
The following 5 R's are the necessary tips to spread mass awareness not only in Perambalur but also in the long run universally.

Respect - Planet Earth

Refuse - Plastic Purchase

Reduce - Plastic (inevitable circumstances)

Reuse - Plastic (as Ecobricks)

Be Responsible - To our planet.

To insist public to take oath on 5 R's and conduct signature campaign to save our mother earth.
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