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Vision & Mission
Legal Status
Board of Directors

Dawn Trust is secular, not-for-profit organization registered under the Indian Trust Act of 1882. We were set up in 1996, and since then have been raising resources to protect the rights of unprivileged and underprivileged. It has been founded by five eminent and elite energetic persons of the soil to protect and promote a fair, just, healthy and intelligent society free from disease and has access to education. It is believed that humanity can be developed through service to women and Health education. The upliftment of the downtrodden people is our sole vision. The Organization also aims at total development of the rural poor in all aspect of Social, educational, economical and Cultural and health field so that an integrated development can be brought out for making a better society since its inception.

Vision & Mission

All round welfare of rural poor in all aspect of social, educational, economical, cultural and health aspect.

Aims and objectives

To provide awareness and counseling in the field of self employment training, women’s right and eradicate violence against women.

To help women in all possible ways, to make them self reliant and self supportive and make the society aware of gender equality.

To Establish Home for orphan, aged, destitute women & physically challenged, and Health care centers.
To promote the basic concept of Human rights and prevent exploitation of children and women.

To provide opportunities including non formal education and vocational training etc to the working children to facilitate their entry or re entry into mainstream of education.

To provide helpline or other facilities to women and children in order to provide emotional support and counseling to them.

To identify, organize and capacitate the economically, socially, culturally, educationally, downtrodden communities and provide awareness on health, hygiene, nutrition, various communicable diseases and their health rights for their holistic development.

To facilitate better quality of life in all its realms through community mobilization, participation, and various interventions to become self reliant, self supportive and self employed.

Legal Status

            Registered under Indian Trust Act of 1882 No: 23/96
            Charitable Trust under section 12AA.
            It is Exempted from income tax under section of 80G5 ( vi) of Income tax Act 1961.
            FCRA No. 075920006/05.03.04
            PAN NO  : AAATD5028K
            TAN No   : CHEDO5534E

Board of Directors

Dr. M.Christopher. M.A., Founder Trustee
Mrs.C.Mithra, M.Sc,M.Ed, M.phil Managing Trustee
Ms.D.Sudha. M.Pharm Financial Trustee
Mrs Chithra Stanley,M.A, BEd, M.Phil Trustee
Mrs.T.Dorthi Trustee

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